Tuesday, November 23, 2004

In Warsaw now. The localisationDev meeting was a lot of work and a great learning experience. I'll be preparing a proposal for a workshop in Africa (March). Also working on proposals for the Unicode IUC27 conference in Berlin in April ...

Saturday, November 20, 2004

"LocalisationDev Sprint"

Travelling to Warsaw for this short event. More as time permits to add it, and perhaps also some catching up. The webpage for the event is: http://localisationdev.org/

Niamey news

This blog is not for Niamey news, but since some folks may come across it with that expectation, I will mention a few items that have been in the news over the last half year or so.

1. Rains were good, and an early rain in Niamey was too big.
2. A fire in the artisan center in Wadata a few months ago destroyed much of the center.
3. Locusts. The return of a plague - not as bad there as in some other parts of the region, though, from what I've heard.
4. Presidential elections. The first round completed, the second to happen. I've been out of touch with the latest...