"A12n" is an abbreviation for "Africanization" or "Africanisation" in the mode of  L10n for localization/localisation or i18n for internationalization/internationalisation. In other words "A" + 12 letters + "n."

As such, it is intended to express Africanization in an explicitly language and information & communication technology (ICT) sense.

In practical terms it has been described as "L10n" of content and software in African languages, plus those aspects of "i18n" necessary to make that L10n possible.

A12n has been used in the title of some email lists beginning in 2002 that facilitated exchange of information about aspects of localization and African language support in ICT. A Yahoogroup called "A12n-archives" has messages from those lists, covering the period late 2004 through 2009.

There is also a Twitter account which used to receive RSS from the A12n lists, but nowadays featrures some tweets and retweets about L10n & i18n in Africa:

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