Friday, November 09, 2007

PanAfrican L10n project workshop, Tshwane, South Africa

Currently in Tshwane, South Africa (more precisely in the Pretoria suburb of Centurion within the municipality of Tshwane) following the 2nd PanAfrican Localisation project workshop (5-7 Nov. 2007). The aims if the workshop included generating recommendations for the sustainability of the project output, discussing new projects, and facilitating networking among localizers and others involved with African languages and ICT.

Will post more on this soon. In the meantime, some of the participants in the workshop have posted blog entries or webpages on the workshop:

  • Jikomboe (Ndesanjo Macha)
  • dB (Dwayne Bailey)
  • Educ (site of Éveil du Congo)
Am planning to visit the Wikipedia Academy that will be held in Johannesburg on Saturday 10 Nov. before my flight out later in the day.

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