Sunday, December 31, 2023

Hiatus in writing here

For several reasons I've been inactive on this blog and in general as regards work on African languages and technology. There's no problem - happily - but part of my thinking has to do with the relevance of what I was doing as a new generation of people interested in African languages takes the fore.

I also wanted to take time to change up and focus on some different work - notably with regard to the International Year of Millets (2023). One of my other areas is agriculture, and I first encountered millets as food in West Africa (specifically pearl millet, and also two other grains often counted among the millets - fonio and sorghum).

More on this in 2024. And Happy New Year to anyone still following Beyond Niamey!

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Matthew Heberger said...

I'm still reading! Look forward to hearing about millet. And sorghum too hopefully! :)