Sunday, November 15, 2015

Early Writing in Indigenous Languages

On the theme of the importance of stories, I thought I'd pass on a call for chapters for an academic publication on writing by children in their first languages. The scope is global, including Africa. It is announced by Dr. Arieh Sherris, who is currently a Fulbright Visiting Scholar at the University of Education, Winneba, in Ghana.

From the call:
The lion’s share of the world’s living languages face a bleak future. A growing consensus of linguists predicts that by the close of the 21st century 50-90% will disappear. Efforts to reverse this trend are underway worldwide. The purpose of this edited volume is to provide case studies of revitalization efforts at schooling early writing among children between approx. 3 and 12 years in lesser-known languages from Africa, Asia, Australia, Europe, North America, and South America.
For those interested, the full call is available on the Society for the Study of the Indigenous Languages of the Americas (SSILA) website.

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